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Extend the life of your asphalt surface by protecting it from moisture seeping and oxidation caused by the elements.

Customized Two-Coat Applications & Crack Filling

Our customized sealant solutions protect your investment regardless if it’s an existent surface, or a brand new lot! Most companies only apply a single coat of sealant over your surfaces, where we will apply a two-coat solution for added protection. Seal-coating adds a protective layer to stop moisture seepage, as well as oxidation of your surface caused by the elements.

See us in action!

Short clip of our crew applying the first coat of our two-coat custom sealant application. Sealer protects your existing surface or new installation from moisture seepage, pooling, and oxidation caused by the elements.

Another short clip of our crews applying our custom two-coat sealant application.

Brief clip of our Crack-Fill Application. Crack Fill seals the cracks in your existing surface stopping moisture from getting beneath the surface. Applied alone, or before seal-coat application, protects your surface well into the future.